Alexandre Bain

Alexandre-BainAlexandre’s passion for working the land was inspired by his grandfather who was a farmer. At 18, he decided to go to winemaking school in Beaune. He worked for several different vignerons until he was finally able to buy a few hectares of vines in 2007. He quickly discovered a soul brother in one of his new neighbors, Sébastien Riffault in Sancerre. Alexandre and Sébastien work similarly: each tend their land biodynamically, work with horses (Alexandre’s horse is named Phenomene), and make wines with minimal intervention.

Alexandre believes natural wine is the most authentic product of terroir and for this reason his terroir must not be altered by chemicals or by sulphites, which will obscure the hard work he does in the vineyard.

Alexandre’s estate has now grown to eleven hectares but, even as his production increases, he remains committed to doing 100% of the work in the vineyard with Phenomene. Like his friend Sébastien, Alexandre seeks optimal ripeness by picking his grapes much later than the rest of the producers in the region. Thus his wines are like none of the other Pouilly-Fumés. They’re richer, more aromatic, more dense.