Alexandre Jouveaux

Alexandre JouveauAlexandre was a fashion photographer who did a lot of work for Chanel but left Paris in 1995 and moved to Burgundy. At first he made a living as a teacher at the local wine school but slowly he purchased enough vines in Mâcon to start his own winery. Like a growing number of the makers that we sell, Alexandre could apply for appellation status for his wines but has such a distaste for bureaucracy that he chooses instead to label them as vin de table.

He maintains a minimalist approach in the vineyard (working organically, harvesting by hand) and in his cellar (he neither fines nor filters his wines). His production is incredibly small (just 6,000 bottles total), he’s a Chardonnay specialist, and his wines become more popular every year (Anne-Claude Leflaive is among his fans), meaning that until he can find more vines that are up to his standards, there will be fewer and fewer bottles to go around.

The wines have brilliant freshness and acidity and are pure and genuine expressions of Chardonnay and of Mâcon. Depending on the cuvée, they also exhibit a more or less pronounced beautiful Jura-like oxidative character.