Alice Bouvot & Charles Dagand

Alice Bouvot and Charles DagandAlice Bouvot and Charles Dagand lovingly make their wines using organic grapes from their five hectares of vineyards scattered around the outskirts of the beautiful town of Arbois. They started their domaine in 2005 with just two hectares but over the years bought small plots and have slowly grown their production.

Alice and Charles foster biodiversity rather than a manicured aesthetic in their vineyards and are Demeter-certified biodynamic. They have different wild grasses and weeds in their vineyards and are not afraid of the insects that live happily throughout their vines.

Since 2009, all of their wines are made without any additions whatsoever. The grapes are de-stemmed by hand and fermented without the use of SO2, cultured yeasts, or other additives. They mostly ferment and age their wines in fiberglass or steel tanks at the ambient temperature of their cellar.