David Caer

David Caer BottlingAlthough David bought 7 hectares of vines in the village of Aspiran in 2005, he didn’t start making his own wines until 2009. He’d been selling to the co-op until his friend, Regis Pichon of Domaine Ribiera, finally convinced him he was capable of making his own. They rent a winery together and help each other.

David views every vintage as an apprenticeship.  Each year, he lets the grapes and the fermentations guide him, and his knowledge deepens. In a region where a large percentage of producers look for the highest possible yields, work with chemicals, and sell to the co-op, growers like David stand apart. His aim, which is diametrically opposed to many of his neighbors, is to produce softer wines that are lower in tannins, lower in alcohol, and are fresh, expressive, and lively.