Fabio Bartolomei

Fabio BartolomeiWhen Fabio Bartolomei first started looking for places to sell his wines, he contacted us. He knew from the Internet that we’re the kind of shop that would understand his project and represent it well. We’ve enjoyed selling and drinking his unique wines made mostly from old vines and lesser-known odd varietals for several vintages now.

Recently a new batch of his wines arrived. We’re excited to have the opportunity to share them with you!  Fabio grew up in Scotland and Italy before settling in Madrid. Vinos Ambiz is his labor of love. He started it in 2005 with Juan Narbona. They farm two 1 hectare plots (one in Carabaña and one in Villarejo) in the Arganda subregion about an hour southeast of the city. The wines are uncompromisingly natural and always exciting. They’re constantly experimenting and evolving. Everything is bottled unfined and unfiltered, using 100% natural corks (from a sustainable cork oak forestry) and recycled bottles.