Frédéric Cossard

frederic-cossard-4Frédéric Cossard doesn’t come from a family of vignerons. His father worked in the milk trade and encouraged him to do likewise, which he did for ten years. Frédéric, however, found himself inexorably drawn to the wine trade. Prior to founding Domaine de Chassorney, he worked as a wine merchant. In 1998 he purchased a house in Saint-Romain on 7 hectares with a vaulted cellar underneath.

Frédéric handles his grapes and makes his wines utilizing some of the hygienic practices he learned working with raw milk. He adds no chemicals whatsoever including no sulfur. His macerations and fermentations are long. He routinely does five to six weeks weeks of fermentation in wooden vats and his wines go through malolactic fermentation while resting on their lees. He generally ages his wines in new to three-year-old barrels. He sterilizes his barrels using ionized negative oxygen molecules, which eliminates the need for any chemical cleansers. During élevage, he neither stirs nor racks. When both the alcoholic and malolactic fermentations finish, he assembles his wines without fining, filtration, or additions of SO2.

In short, Frédéric’s wines are exceptionally pure and a sheer pleasure to drink.