Stefano Borsa & Giovanna Tiezzi


Giovanna, Stefano, Maria & Carlo

Pacina is situated on the border of Chianti Classico, in Chianti Colli Senesi, in the village of Castelnuovo Berardenga. It was originally an old monastery founded in 900 A.D. It’s a charmed and charming place where plants and wildlife have been allowed to continue their existence undisturbed for centuries. Husband-and-wife team Giovanna and Stefano speak about it as if it is the matriarch of their family. Giovanna is the third generation of her family to care for the estate; she and Stefano work together with dedication and passion managing the property, the vineyards, and the cellar.

There’s absolutely no technology involved in the winemaking; in fact the cellar has remained intact for generations. The changes have come in the vineyards, where Stefano has worked hard replanting vineyards by selection massale.

Giovanna and Stefano also produce renowned extra virgin olive oil, cultivate cereals, fruit and vegetables, and also care for free-range poultry. In addition, they are fully committed to the preservation of their natural woodlands and wildlife. Their goal is to support, preserve, and maintain the energy and strength of vigorous ecosystems for both animal and plant life. They also operate an Agriturismo where you can stay when you visit them and see the harmonious surroundings for yourself.