Giuseppe Ferrua

Giuseppe in vineyardGiuseppe Ferrua ran a popular trattoria in Lucca for years. He began tending the vines at Fabbrica di San Martino about twenty years ago without any formal training. Instead he learned by helping and observing the area’s elder wise guys, the contadini, in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Fabbrica di San Martino is located in the hills outside of Lucca and was founded in 1735. It’s a twenty hectare property surrounded by woodland with two-and-a-half hectares of vines. The vineyard is within an area that has a lot of biological diversity. It’s exposed southeast to southwest, which, Giuseppe says, is more beneficial for the wines than full southern exposure because the sun does an east to west half-circle over the vines, helping to lower alcohol levels and to increase acidity and minerality.

This isolated vineyard had never been farmed with chemicals and Giuseppe decided not to break with tradition. He did, however, convert the farm to biodynamic farming and become certified biodynamic. The wines, across the board, have a purity and drinkability that we truly appreciate.