Hervé Ravera

Herve RaveraHervé Ravera is another example of someone making a second career as a winemaker. Before he was a vigneron in the Beaujolais he spent several years as a nurse, but has always been drawn to nature and farming. In 2007 he left the nursing profession and bought an old house surrounded by 2 hectares of old gamay vines in the tiny village of Marchampt in the Beaujolais.

Hervé works biodynamically and plows his steep slopes with the help of his horse (named “Reggae Nights”). The grapes are harvested with the help of friends and family and fermented whole cluster in concrete without any additives; then pressed via a massive, 100-year-old press in the winery that ‘s attached to his house.

In a world where the top wines of Beaujolais seem to be becoming more extracted and dense, Hervé’s wines have a transparency and purity, while still maintaining the varietal character of gamay, that can be a revelation.