Ismael Gozalo

Ismael Gozalo founded one of the most respected wineries in Rueda, Ossian, in 2004. With MicroBio, he purposely decided to work on a smaller scale so he could utilize his family’s most prized vineyards strictly to make wine that come from his heart and soul. These vines are some of the oldest in Spain, between 100- and 200-years-old, ungrafted, pre-phylloxera, and most are in the town of Nieva, a province of Segovia, at between 800 and 900 meters of altitude. They’re characterized by sandy soils, and these head-trained vines have never seen any chemicals over the different generations that have cared for them.

Ismael is often called “El Mago de las Verdejos,” the Magician of Verdejo. He practices his magic in a medieval underground cellar located in his native town of Nieva using barrels, fudres, anforas, damejeannes, and stainless steel. He has the winemaking chops to make wines that could go in various directions, not necessarily natural ones. He’s chosen, however, a path that allows him to let the land speak directly through his wines without unnecessary interference.