Jean-Charles Abbatucci

Abbatucci_nwJean-Charles Abbatucci is a true practitioner of biodynamics who carefully performs even the most far-out tasks. He’s also a direct descendant of General Jean-Charles Abbatucci, a hero of the French Revolution.

His vines come from cuttings of indigenous grapes sourced in the early 1960s by his father, Antoine, from old vineyards high up in the isolated and mountainous interior of the island. Jean-Charles’ father had noticed that subsistence farmers in the mountain villages were rapidly abandoning the countryside for the coastal towns; he saved numerous native varieties from extinction by taking cuttings from each threatened vineyard and planting them on his estate near Ajaccio in a single plot of granitic soil.

Jean-Charles has extended his father’s legacy. He propagates his vines using séléction massale, and supplies cuttings to other vignerons all over Corsica. He keeps his plants happy by serenading them with traditional Corsican polyphonic songs. After the harvest, he plays the same tunes in his cellar to the fermenting juice. It is, he believes, all a part of his unique terroir. He has created a beautiful, pristine polyculture: herds of sheep among his vines, groves of olive trees on ancient terraces, and large swaths of untouched forests.

Does all this love and care make great wine? We think so. Try a bottle and taste the magic for yourself.