Jean-Christophe Garnier

Jean-Christophe GarnierWe discovered Jean-Christophe a couple of years ago at an off-fair in London at 40 Maltby and were immediately smitten with his wines. Originally from Brittany, he spent years working as a somm in upscale restaurants when he became obsessed with natural wines and some of the winemakers who make them.

Jean-Christophe started his own winemaking venture in St-Lambert-du-Lattay in 2002 with only 2.3 hectares after mostly on-the-job training with Mark Angeli in Anjou (La Ferme de la Sansonnière) and Pierre Parcé in Banyuls (la Rectorie).

He uses a Calvados basket press for all of his wines, pressing over a period of 1-2 days, sometimes as many as three. His slow process gives his whites their distinctive cidery, oxidative notes, which enhance Chenin Blanc’s apple/quince character. For the reds, it extracts deeper color yet yields soft tannins.