Jean-Yves Péron

Jean-Yves PeronJean-Yves was born and raised in the Savoie, but studied winemaking in Bordeaux in the late 90s.  After school he worked for Thierry Allemand in Cornas and then for Bruno Schuller in Alsace, both of whom he considers his mentors.

In 2004 he returned to the Savoie and began making his own wine in the village of Chevaline on schist-covered sloping vineyards. Working vineyards at these altitudes in the Alps, on slopes this steep, is more like mountain climbing than winemaking.  Jean-Yves believes the opportunity to work with 100-year-old-plus vines on this ancient terroir is more than worth it.

While Jean-Yves works organically and biodynamically he doesn’t see the need for any certification, preferring to let the wine speak for itself.  The estate is divided into several micro-parcels containing Mondeuse, Jacquere, Altesse, and Roussane.

The reds tend to be made carbonically; some of the whites see extended maceration times, influenced by his love for Northern Italian “orange” wines. In the next few years he hopes to plant 2 hectares more vines featuring some forgotten local varietals and also make more apple cider.