Julie Balagny

Julie Balagny-1Julie Balagny was born and raised in Paris. As a little girl, she was fascinated with wine and saw with amazement the pleasure that people took from drinking wine. Her mom loved to cook and when her dad came home with a bottle of wine and put it on the table she noticed that it was just as important as the food.

Julie settled in Fleurie in 2009 after working for a while at what she calls a “more chemical” estate and then at Terre des Chardons, who work biodynamically. She knew she wanted to start her own estate either in Fleurie or the Jura. Yvon Métras helped her find a 3.2 hectare parcel in Fleuire in the middle of the woods next to a river. It also included 2 hectares of prairies and 3 hectares of woods. She knew this was a perfect place to start her polycultural project!

Her vines are all on steep slopes that are impossible to work mechanically. It’s even too difficult to use a horse. But she loves the work of doing everything by hand with pick and winch. In the cellar, she does cold carbonic maceration with no remontage, no pigeage, whole cluster. She has a very old manual wood press and just a few old barrels. She has three very different terroirs (pure granite mixed with pebbles and sand, granite and quartz, and granite with basalt) that she vinifies separately. Her youngest vines are 30-years-old and her oldest 90.