Buds in Fort Greene

Makers & the Intricate Process of Making

Rarely do we make things, or grow things, anymore. Almost everything we consume is bought, processed, already prepared. How many of us, for instance, cook our meals from scratch on a regular basis? As a result, it’s become harder to appreciate the work, and the time, it takes to make something.

To reverse, or, at the very least, slow down a little, the fast march toward us becoming solely consumers, mere watchers of the spectacle, embrace the eccentric and the quirky, renounce generic, paint-by-numbers products, cherish the people who have chosen to make authentic, handmade things that enhance and nourish us, and celebrate Makers and the intricate process of Making.

As the old saying goes, good things don’t happen overnight. We urge you to appreciate, and not take for granted, the people who make the things that give you pleasure and nourishment. And we encourage you to make things that give you, and those around you, pleasure and nourishment as well.