Natural Wine Isabelle Legeron

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We’re constantly seeking out and tasting new organic, biodynamic, natural wines from emerging small growers/winemakers, and re-tasting new vintages/wines from those already on our radar. We invite you to be among the first to reap the benefits of our exhausting labor on a monthly basis by joining the Thirst Wine Share.

Each month you’ll receive a selection of recent arrivals grouped around a theme and/or a specific maker. Along with the all-natural, organic/biodynamic, hard-to-find wines, you’ll get stories about the winemakers, learn how the wines are made, wine descriptions, and suggested wine pairings. Thirst Wine Share members will also be the first to receive special offers.

The deal: each month’s share will be four bottles for $98 (plus sales tax). Pick-up day will be the first Tuesday of each month, beginning March 7th. On pick-up day, we’ll have a tasting of other elusive natural wines, and food as well. Wine share members will get 10% off on purchases on pick-up day, and 10% of the pick-up day proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization. Please email us at [email protected] us or call 718-596-7643 to join NOW.

The fine print: If you can’t pick up your share on pick-up day (or by the following weekend), no need to sweat it, the following Monday your share will be shipped to you. There will be an additional charge for shipping (generally UPS Ground).