Gabrio Bini

For us, the natural wines of Sicily are some of the most transportive experiences you can imagine. Sipping on a glass of Nerello Mascalese or Zibibbo is like letting wine roll along the volcanic soil of the island’s mountains right into your mouth. The purity and intensity of Sicily's terroir is plainly manifest in its wines; for those who can not travel to Etna, Etna’s wines bring them to her. Perhaps no-one is so adept at encapsulating Sicily and its islands in a bottle than Gabrio Bini.

Bini’s Azienda Agricola Serragghia is located on the island of Pantelleria, a volcanic offshoot to Sicily’s southwest. The island is farmed for two things: its capers and the sweet, otherworldly beauty of its Zibibbo grapes, used by most for passito wine. Bini, a former marketing agent, returned to Pantelleria over a decade ago to begin exploring the island’s capacity to make still wines, wines that have since become legendary. Gabrio’s grapes come from seriously old vines - for his Heritage Zibibbo and Nerello Mascalese, vines nearly 110 years old - planted over ancient terraces on the island’s volcanic soils. The Serragghia sites are higher than most, even those on mainland Sicily, giving the wines extraordinary freshness and acidity that contribute to their long aging potential.

The vineyards have never seen chemicals or treatment of any kind. The vines are tended only by hand and horse, the grapes de-stemmed and left to ferment long and slowly in clay amphora. They are bottled unfiltered, unfined, and with absolutely no additions.