Alain Allier

Alain Allier makes truly singular, honest, natural, living wines. For him, being an authentic winemaker means taking no shortcuts. His estate, Domaine Mouressipe, is based in Gard, west of Nîmes.  His winery is a small garage near the Mouriseppe mountains, the very mountains that the Romans used as a look-out. He’s a former mechanic who got inspired to make wines when he tasted Eric Pfifferling’s wines.

Alain works roughly 9 hectares of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Chardonnay and Chasselas, planted on limestone with clay and blue marl. His philosophy, as with our growers in general, is deceptively simple: the better work you do in the vineyard, the less you have to do in the winery.

His grapes are harvested and destemmed by hand, he rarely adds SO2, and his wines are aged in fiberglass to express the purity of his fruit. In his words, by definition, “natural wine must be the wine of a passionate vigneron and must be a reflection of the terroir.”