Finger Lakes

Andrew Scott & Jennifer Clark

Andrew ScottWhen we first tasted Andrew and Jennifer’s wines, they were a revelation. Wines like this from New York!?!?

Andrew Scott began his winemaking journey by making wine in the basement of his New Jersey home. His influences were primarily French natural winemakers. Joe Dressner and his wife Denyse Louis (Louis/Dressner Selections) mentored them and were kind enough to help them visit many of the producers they were particularly drawn to.

In 2008 they decided to move to what had been a weekend retreat, a 19-acre farm in Long Eddy, a hamlet in Sullivan County, to launch Eminence Road Farm Winery. Andrew, who had been working as an art director for Random House, had reached a point where he “just couldn’t do it anymore,” so he quit. Jennifer, who holds an MBA, kept her marketing job for a couple of years to help make the transition a smooth one. She handles managing the business while Andrew makes the wine.

They source their grapes from a few different vineyards in the Finger Lakes that they feel produce the best local fruit they can find. They bring the grapes to the winery in their truck, crush them by foot, and it then goes into fermenters using gravity power. They don’t de-stem.

Their fermentations are natural, which sometimes can be stressful as it can take a while for the juice to begin bubbling, but the result Andrew knows is unmatched. All of their wines undergo malolactic fermentation as well because Andrew feels that preventing it requires more intervention than letting it happen, and he likes the rounder feel it gives to his wines.

Andrew adds only a small amount of sulfur before bottling. He doesn’t fine or filter because he feels “it strips the life and character from the wine — it kills it.”