Evan Lewandowski

Wine from Utah?!?

Evan Lewandowski’s father was in the Air Force, so every few years the family relocated. When he visited Salt Lake City, he fell in love with the skiing it had to offer and decided to enroll in the University of Utah. While attending college, he found his second love, wine, and began working at a wine bar owned by his future distributor, Zev Rovine, which deepened his understanding of the kind of wines he liked. Through Zev he also learned about an organization that places interns on farms to learn about viticulture and winemaking.

Evan’s self-described harebrained idea was to plant a vineyard in Utah so that he could stay there for the rest of his life. So he dove in headfirst and worked at wineries all over the world, soaking up as much as he could, with the goal of figuring out if it even made sense. He did stints in California, Washington, Italy, France, New Zealand, Argentina, and Australia. Then he moved back and began planting vines in Utah to make his vision a reality. In the meantime, though, he needed and wanted to start making some wine. Evan admits he’s drawn to the strange, the quirky, the freaks and the geeks, so he sought out lesser-known varieties from some of the best organically farmed, old-vine vineyards in California.