Gilles Azzoni

Gilles AzzoniGilles is one of natural wine’s OGs.

His farm got its name, La Bégude, because of its  renowned spring water. When transportation was primarily horse-powered, this was the go-to place to stop to drink. Gilles still relies on his well of pure spring water, including for cleaning his vats and his wine press.

Gilles is originally from a Paris suburb and went to Macon wine school in 1976-77. After working at several wineries, he settled here in November 1983. In 1997 he began farming organically and started making truly natural no SO2-whatsoever-added wines in 2000, dubbing his new venture “Le Raisin et L’Ange.” Since going fully natural, he left the Appelation system. Therefore his wines are, like many of the winemakers we represent, labeled Vin de France.