Conca de Barberà

Joan Ramón Escoda & Carmen Sanahuja


Escoda-Sanahuja was established in 1997 by Joan Ramón Escoda and Carmen Sanahuja in the Conca de Barberà in central Catalonia. They’ve worked organically from the start and switched to biodynamics in 2003. Since 2007 the wines have been made without any added sulphur dioxide.

Joan Ramón and Carmen farm 10 hectares, but not all of it is vineyards. They also have olive and almond trees, vegetables, and livestock. In the vineyards, vegetation is left between the rows in order to encourage a soil rich in humus and microbes to help maintain soil moisture in this dry climate. The climate here is Mediterranean but distinctly cooler than neighboring Penedes and Priorat to the north and Terra Alta to the south.

They’re members of the Mediterranean Biodynamic Work Group, as well as PVN (a Spanish Association of Natural Winemakers).