Ruben Parera

Penedès is one of the most exciting regions in Spain when it comes to natural wine. That may sound strange given the amount of insipid Cava being made, but that’s part of what’s driving a group of young winemakers to do things differently. And Ruben Parera is at the forefront of this movement.

Finca Parera is located in the upper Penedes region, characterized by its calcareous clay soils. Born into a family of farmers, it wasn’t until Ruben finished his viticultural and oenological studies that he started estate bottling the wines. He also converted his family’s ten-hectare estate from organic to biodynamic farming, and continues the natural process in the cellar, also applying the same practices to the family’s cherries, almonds, olives, and vegetables.

When Alvaro first met him at a tasting in 2013, he felt Ruben’s wines were almost too perfect. Since then he’s stopped relying on what he learned in school and turned instead to his land for answers. In a short period of time, he’s gone from making textbook wines to making terroir-driven wines that are high on drinkability without compromising depth and complexity.