Collection: Accordion Wines

Malou Despoux is originally from the south of France, afield the sprawling green countryside of the northern Languedoc. Having been surrounded by vineyards throughout her upbringing wine was a constant, if not always arresting, interest. It wasn't until moving to New York after graduating from Montreal's McGill University and in need of a job while further exploring grad school options to carry on her degree in Environmental Conservation and Anthropology, that wine started to take a hold. Getting hired at a natural wine shop, Malou was immediately exposed to the wide world of low-intervention wine. Ever since, she'd been hooked and spent the next several years working at shops, wine bars, and traveling to work harvest in different regions around the world (California, Chile, and finally New York's Finger Lakes which coincided with a move up to Accord, New York -a town in the Hudson Valley, Catskills Region). All the while, Malou also achieved a WSET degree in addition to a baccalaureate in viticulture and winemaking. Finally, in 2021, it was time to make some wine of her own -- launching "Accordion Wines" in her garage, Malou became a garagiste, no more noble a position in the history of natural wine seems to exist. Enjoining the tradition of micro wineries/garagistas that really started in the 80s in Southern France, it would seem she's landed somehow back at home, here in Accord.