Collection: Florent Girou & Thien Uyen Do

At the helm of the enchanting Combrillac vineyards, perched gracefully on a hill with a panoramic view of the Dordogne valley, meet the dynamic duo you won't forget: Thien Uyen Do and Florent Girou. These vinicultural virtuosos bring their unique talents to the table, with Florent boasting nearly two decades of winemaking mastery, spanning from Dordogne to Languedoc to Tuscany, despite officially taking charge just four years ago. Uyen, his life and farming partner, is deeply committed to biodiversity, dedicating only half of their twenty-five hectares to vines. Picture this: their vines cohabiting with four thousand trees and medicinal herbs, a nod to the ancient technique of vite maritata. Together, as tandem, they tirelessly preserve the ecosystem surrounding their property, from meadows and groves to hops and cereals. The result in your glass is a delightful fusion of Bordeaux and Loire, showcasing elegance on the approach and a refreshing finishโ€”a testament to their commitment to biodiversity and breaking free from the monoculture of grapevines.

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