Collection: L'Alezan

In 2013, Patricia and Rémi first crossed paths and their vibrant spirits made them the perfect match. They have transformed their property into a magical fairytale setting. Their house sits atop a rugged hill, offering breathtaking views of lush green valleys. The fields surrounding their home are adorned with enchanting white and yellow wildflowers. The slopes where the Ardèche meets the Drôme are adorned with vines, ranging from gentle to challenging pitches, some steep enough to ski down. Majestic trees stand guard over each parcel, resembling statues. Understanding their journey reveals their dedication and patience. They share a tale about a neglected piece of land, which Patricia affectionately refers to as her "little piece of paradise." These eighty-year-old vines were on the brink of destruction, barely surviving. After years of battling for custody, they finally regained control in 2014. The parcel was overgrown and untamed, presenting challenges due to its steep incline, similar to those found in neighboring Saint Joseph or Hermitage. However, after nine years of meticulous work, love, and care, their efforts have borne beautiful fruit. "Resilience can shape destiny," Patricia declares. "The vine that endures learns to adapt. It possesses a remarkable quality to adjust to everything, from the hardships of the 1940s to the present day."