Collection: Weingut Beurer

Jochen Beurer stands as a pivotal figure in German winemaking, crafting wines that exude pure energy and possess a universal vibrancy that defies the norms governing the conventional wine world—they practically float. Beyond his enigmatic wines, Jochen, a nurturing bear of a man, has played a mentorship role for a whole generation of budding German winemakers passing through his cellar. Unveiling the essence of Beurer's significance in German winemaking sheds light on why he holds such a crucial role. Yet, it's not surprising that Beurer remains somewhat under the radar in the U.S. Originating from Swabia, a southern region recently introduced by the importer Selection Massale, Beurer is not part of the traditional, canonical history of German winemaking. Swabia, a fertile ground with diverse agriculture, provides the backdrop for the second reason behind Beurer's lower profile: his focus extends beyond Riesling, embracing the wild and intricate diversity of Teutonic grapes and wines.