Collection: Cambridge Road

Lance Redgwell grew up on the rich volcanic earth of New Zealand's North Island. His grandparents were dairy farmers, and he was deeply influenced by their way of life and the taste of his grandmother's tomatoes. While his culinary soul was nurtured by these memories, it was the ocean that opened his mind to the rhythms and gravity of nature. He also developed a deep respect for the forests, where he learned to tread lightly and appreciate the harmony and chaos intertwined within them.

In 1998, Lance's pursuit of viticulture began, almost by chance. A decade later, he released his first wine under the Cambridge Road Vineyard label. The vineyard, which was first planted in 1986, allowed him to fulfill his desire to practice biodynamic farming on a small scale (2.2hA) in the heart of the Martinborough Terrace Appellation. A few years later, he established a winery and made the transition to using 100% native yeast, eliminating all adjustments except for small additions of sulphites.

In 2012, Lance produced his first zero-add wine, a vin gris of pinot noir. The following year, he created a Pet-Nat, and the year after that, he made his first raw red and amber wine.