Collection: Esmeralda Garcia

Esmeralda García, a young winemaker born in Segovia, can be rightfully called the Lady of the Verdejo. Although her family is originally from Santiuste de San Juan Bautista, a small town integrated into the DO Rueda, she has returned to her native country to create a project focused on environmental respect. Esmeralda has taken on the responsibility of caring for the old family vineyards, which boast plants that are between 140 and 210 years old. These vineyards, located in sandy soils that have allowed the Verdejo vines to thrive, are cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemicals. In the cellar, the same philosophy is followed, with spontaneous fermentation using only indigenous yeasts and no additives. The flagship wine of the project is the delicious and quickly beloved Santyuste Vino de Pueblo. In addition to this, there are other wines that showcase refinements in amphora or chestnut barrels. One particularly intriguing wine is Vallejo, which comes from vineyards that have managed to survive within the city, planted among the buildings of Santiuste. Esmeralda's wines are truly exceptional, crafted with love and respect for the land.