Collection: Gaioz Sopromadze

The Sopromadze family wine cellar, situated in Western Georgia's Imereti region, is dedicated to crafting exclusively natural wines with minimal intervention. They use locally sourced grape varieties like Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, Dzelshavi, and Ckhaveri, employing the traditional method of fermentation in Kvevri.

In 2006, Gaioz, the father, was among the pioneers who embarked on professional winemaking in Imereti. Today, Gaioz and his two sons produce a portfolio of nine distinct wines following the traditional Imeretian approach, characterized by minimal skin contact and the addition of only a portion (typically one-third or less) of the grape pulp. Their aim is to expand recognition for terroir-driven wines originating from Western Georgia.

For the Sopromadze family, integrity in winemaking, vineyard care, and environmental conservation is paramount. All their wines undergo wild fermentation and contain minimal sulfites, with a strict commitment to avoiding chemical additives both in the cellar and the vineyard.