Collection: Ivo Ferreira and Julie Brosselin

Ivo and Julie, a dynamic duo in the world of vines, embody a rare blend of humility and tenacity, driven by a crystal-clear vision for their winemaking journey. Reminiscent of our friend Tom Lubbe, they adopt a refreshing 'no-nonsense' attitude, steering clear of romanticized notions in the vineyards. Despite merging their lands a few years ago, they maintain individual space for experimentation, crafting wines in an area synonymous with modest yields. Together, they birthed 'Les Cigales dans la Fourmillière,' a collaborative venture fusing their unique production styles into a space of boundless creativity. Tending 10 hectares in and around Montpeyroux, their joint story began in 2016, providing ample room for daily vinous exploration. Ivo, an atypical French vigneron hailing from Portugal, founded Domaine de l'Escarpolette in 2009, seeking a mildew-free haven, a narrative charmingly illustrated in the swing scenes adorning his labels.