Collection: Jordi Llorens

Getting Jordi to talk about himself is a challenge, even in Spanish. Jordi is an 8th-generation winegrower in Blancafort, a small town replete with almond trees. Jordi prefers to show his soul in his wines, which are a marked shift from his family’s traditional style, reflecting Jordi’s friendships with the wild natural group of Catalunya. The soil in Jordi’s region has some of the highest limestone content in Spain and Jordi strives to amplify that minerality in deft wines of aromatic beauty, with bright acidity and complex yet lithe flavors. Jordi’s vines are entirely without chemicals. Jordi ferments in stainless and since 2017 has fermented everything in amphora. Macerations are light, no fining or filtration is ever used, and sulfur is almost never present at bottling.