Collection: Pierre-Henri Rougeot

Pierre-Henri Rougeot, a young vigneron with deep family roots in the charming town of Meursault, has inherited generations of farming and winemaking knowledge. His upbringing involved learning the intricacies of agriculture and the art of crafting wines alongside his father, supplemented by formal studies in Beaune.

In 2017, Pierre-Henri embarked on a new venture by establishing a small negoce, where he could craft wines according to his own unique vision. The grapes he uses are sourced from his family estate, vineyards meticulously cultivated using organic practices. The production scale remains delightfully limited, with just a single barrel of one cuvee here, a couple more there, and a maximum of four barrels for Gevrey. Pierre-Henri's winemaking philosophy emphasizes minimal intervention, translating to no sulfites until bottling, no fining, and no filtration. For the red wines, whole clusters are macerated, followed by aging in neutral barrels, while the whites are gently pressed directly in barrels, with no battonage, and an extended aging sur lees. The 2017 vintage marked a splendid beginning for Pierre-Henri, reflecting his passion and dedication to producing exceptional wines.