Collection: Sep 2023 Wine Share

This month is a special one-off to kick-start the fall and run-in to the holiday season. For this month’s share, we’ve done a cross-section of library selections and rarities, some of which have stoically aged at the back of the shop waiting for just this kind of thing, their moment in the sun. In your box you may find macerated muscat from Alsace, a broad, sun-drenched ode to Red Burgundy from New Zealand, a Georgian specialty be it amber wine, deep rosé, or savory, red-fleshed Saperavi. Or Maybe you’ll open up a bottle of wine cast in the style of an ancient Umbrian red, Verdejo crafted from pre-phylloxera-aged vines, an elegant Tête-de-cuvée from one of Southwest France’s most exciting producers, a volcanic red from the sunny cliffsides of Campania’s ‘happy’ country (see: Campania Felice), or autumn’s kindred spirit in the form of an extended skin-fermented Alsatian Gewürztraminer that smells like toasted pumpkin seeds, clove, ginger, and sundried apricots all at once.