Collection: Weingut Edelberg (Peter & Michael Ebert)

Having taken over the reins of the family estate just a few years ago, the young, intrepid brothers Peter & Michael Ebert have steered the range of wines produced here in the village of Weiler, Germany toward evermore low-intervention. There isn’t the kind of trend-chasing here you could maybe say has plagued the reputation of “natural wine” in some circles, or when it has (as recently) gotten the Instagrammified hype-poison. Rather, there is a focus on good wines using the whole of the operation’s production; the intensive sorting of grapes/picks and concomitant stratification of cuvées crafted therein. For example, look no further than their “Glitz” line, produced from grapes that in yesteryear would not have gone into commercial bottlings. Varieties like Bacchus, Moscato Giallo, Müller-Thurgau and the like that can be viewed as “inferior” get the same spotlit treatment as some of their more prime fruit, like single-vineyard Riesling produced on the famed Edelberg site within Weiler. They get this influence of mixing and matching traditional methods (pre-technological) with a kind of modern playfulness from the at-once hyper-elegant-yet-accessible wines of Klaus Peter Keller, with whom Michael Ebert worked prior to taking over the family estate with his brother.