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Akishika Shuzo

Akishika Shuzo, "Yama, Junmai" NV

Akishika Shuzo, "Yama, Junmai" NV

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About the wine

Junmai= "Pure Rice"

From the importer:

"Akishika Shuzo was founded in the town of Nose (No-say) in Osaka prefecture in 1886. Under Hiroaki Oku, the present 6th generation Kuramoto [Brewery Owner], this tiny brewery is creating some of Japan’s most exceptional and unique sake. Oku-san is both Kuramoto and also Toji [Master Brewer] at Akishika and his belief and skill in creating quality sake shows in every bottle. Akishika Shuzo own around 50 acres of rice fields with the remaining rice sourced from 20 local farmers. All of the rice is grown by Oku-san and the local farmers is done so organically. Akishika since 2000 have shunned the use of herbicides, pesticides and agricultural chemicals preferring to work organically in their fields. Oku-san makes his own natural fermented fertiliser by reusing the byproducts of rice growing and sake brewing. Utilising rice husks, rice straw, rice bran, sake lees and re-fermenting them. This natural byproduct is then used in the rice cultivation process the following year.

Since 2004 Akishika Shuzo have only brewed Junmai [pure rice] sake. It was at that time Oku-san decided to stop charcoal filtering, thus all of his sake are Muroka = no charcoal filtration. A year later he stopped filtering altogether. This is to retain as much of the purity and abundant umami in the rice that he grows. All of the sake Oku-san creates are full of umami and have great structure, acidity and body which lends these brews to be well suited to ageing. Akishika Shuzo have roughly 2 years worth of production ageing at any one time, a massive investment particularly for such a small brewery. Oku-san will only release his sake when he believes they are ready and he believes that at 5 - 10 years of age his sake really starts to shine."

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