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Bonnigal-Bodet, "Brut D'Enfer" NV

Bonnigal-Bodet, "Brut D'Enfer" NV

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The Bonnigal Bodet estate is located on a hillside on the north bank of the Loire and specializes in cultivating chenin and chardonnay grapes. This particular cuvée is a blend of the two grape varieties, sourced from vineyards in the "Les Culs de Boeuf" plots facing west, "Les Beauvoirs" plots facing east, and the "Ouchonnerie" plots facing south. The grapes are carefully hand-harvested and sorted in the cellar before being pressed and left to ferment naturally with the help of native yeasts in stainless steel tanks. After ten months of aging in vats and barrels, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in bottles, where it ages for a further nineteen months in the cellar. This sparkling wine, which is not sweetened, displays a beautiful golden color with delicate and elegant bubbles. Its aromatic profile is characterized by intense fruity notes of peach, apricot, and other exotic fruits, while also promising a fresh and well-balanced palate. The tasting experience concludes with a pleasant touch of bitterness. This wine is best enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with a red fruit pie.

About Loire Valley

Wines from the Loire Valley, nestled in the heart of France, offer a captivating journey through diverse terroirs and grape varieties. Renowned for their elegance and versatility, Loire Valley wines reflect the region's rich viticultural heritage. From the crisp, mineral-driven Sauvignon Blancs of Sancerre to the luscious, honeyed Chenin Blancs of Vouvray, and the delicate, ethereal Cabernet Francs of Chinon, the Loire Valley showcases a spectrum of flavors that captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide. The region's winemakers skillfully craft whites, reds, and rosés that embrace the essence of their surroundings, producing wines that harmonize with the lush landscapes and the gentle flow of the Loire River. These wines are an embodiment of France's artistry in winemaking, offering a diverse and delightful tasting experience for those who explore their storied vineyards.

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