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Domaine Geschickt, "Obi Wine Keno Bulle" 2019

Domaine Geschickt, "Obi Wine Keno Bulle" 2019

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Producer Profile: In Ammerschwihr, Alsace, Domaine Geschickt is a legendary estate at the heart of the Alsatian wine route, nestled in the rain shadow provided by the nearby Vosges Mountains that ensures this is one of the nation’s driest microclimates – ideal for grape-growing. Started over 70 years ago by Bernadette Meyer and Jérôme Geschickt, the family farm first sold their grapes to a négociant as was the practice back in the ‘40s and ‘50s in Ammerschwihr, given the absence of a local co-op before they decided to start vinifying and bottling on their 2/3 ha estate around 1955. Ever since, it’s been a march toward the now organically & biodynamically certified status of the modern operation where they craft the whole range of Alsace’s ethereal possibilities, from pet-nats & crémants, through noble grape blends, the rare Alsatian red, and several Grand Cru Rieslings. In this way, Domaine Geschickt is a perfect example of why Alsace is one of the most exciting regions for wine lovers with a bent toward what can unfairly-loosely be referred to as the ‘natural.’ An estate like this – with Grand Cru holdings not least among them the vaunted limestone/granite Kaefferkopf site of the Haut-Rhine – that dabbles in the wildly experimental and irreverent while also producing homages to pristine-as-can-be Grand Cru Rieslings, all from biodynamically farmed vines, represents the ideal ‘natural’ winegrowing philosophy beset against all the old forms and AOCs of yesteryear. Generous wines that will make you fall madly in love (and down the rabbit hole) with this gem-like sliver of northeastern France across the river Rhine from Germany.

Vinification: Pinot Auxerrois with a touch of Muscat. Grapes were hand-harvested, fermented in stainless steel using wild yeasts and finally bottled with a touch of sulphur before fermentation completed, creating a fresh and lively pet nat. Undisgorged. Unfined, unfiltered. 

Tasting: Extremely aromatic: florals, pineapples, mango. On the palate, a touch of residual sugar highlights the wide array of fruit on display, like pineapple and cooked apples. All of this might be too gaudy, too rich and and an overload of the senses, but then comes in a crisp bubble to lift it all up and give it lightness. It's playful, energetic, celebratory and perfect for all occasions. Pairs well with Chromatica Oreos.

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