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Matchbook Distilling Co.

Matchbook Distilling Co., "Nowhere Blue Duck Whiskey"

Matchbook Distilling Co., "Nowhere Blue Duck Whiskey"

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About the wine

"We took four large bags of day-old breads from Blue Duck Bakery Cafe and tore them into chunks before adding them to the kvass. Kvass is a soured malted rye.  That kvass was milled and mashed with hot water.  The enzymes from the kvass malt acted on the bread to break down the starches into simple sugars for the yeast to then ferment. Bakers put so much love, intention, and the energy into the way they process grains – just as we do – only the love from that labor is only at its peak for so long.  By turning it into whiskey we can capture the essential aromas and flavors from those breads, play off them with beautiful flavors from our malt and draw them out further in the aging process – where they can flourish eternally in wood or in a bottle until they are imbibed.

Mash bill: 450 lbs kvass rye, 4 bags of Blue Duck bread, 500 grams of yeast. "

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