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Lammidia, "Rosh" 2020

Lammidia, "Rosh" 2020

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About the wine

Producer Profile: “Uva e basta!” It doesn’t take much translation to figure out what they mean by this, and if any confusion lingers, their wines will do the talking. Grapes – and that’s it! Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani are the braintrust behind the very popular Abruzzese endeavor Lammidia. The story behind the name touches on a bit of the occult: La-‘Mmidia means something like “the evil eye” in the Abruzzese dialect, with the upshot being something like a curse, bad fortune, something rotten in the State of Denmark, all that good stuff. With their first vintage in 2010, the fermentations were not only slow, they weren’t starting at all! Enter Grandmother Antonia, one of the “wise women” of a popular tradition whereby an ancient ritual akin to a kind of holy-water-cleansing is said to expel the ‘mmidia (la-mmidia) from the house. So the legend goes, after Antonia performed the ritual, fermentations not only magically started, but they were off and flying! Ever since, at the start of each vintage’s fermentation, the ritual is performed and thereby the mmidia banned. This is the project – something a bit mysterious, a bit wild, a bit pure, and certainly fermentation-transparent. The wines often carry real clarity and purity, mixed with a savory aspect of the fermented kind. Yeasty, beery, but depending on which cuvée, the wine will also have a real dense core of fruit that is sliced with starbright acid. Awesomely fun zero/zero wines from the foothills outside of Pescara on the Abruzzese coast, some 20km from the Adriatic Sea.

Vinification: Montepulciano, Pecorino and Trebbiano

Tasting: A freaky, acid-driven red made with red and white grapes from an offbeat crew of winemakers in Abruzzo. Light bodied and full of juicy red fruits, this is THE pizza wine. Serve with a chill. 

The Producer: Lammidia

"We are Davide and Marco. We’ve been friends since 3 years old, and although we took different roads at times, we found each other again during college. Since then, we began our journey into the world of wine.

Our wines are made simply by spontaneously fermented grapes. We don’t add anything else, no clarifying agents or filtration. Residual lees and grape skins are indicators of a genuine and natural process, necessary to keep the wines alive.

We’re in a process of constant research, taking inspiration from many winemakers that we’ve met on our journey and with whom we continue to have a dialog about how to cultive, ferment, conserve and age wines. They are a source through which we synthesize our experience, which is in constant evolution."

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