Collection: Axel Prufer

East German vigneron extraordinaire Axel Prüfer headed west as a young man, settling in Languedoc to craft his visionary wines. In 2003 he established Domaine Les Temps de Cerises, named for a revolutionary Parisian anthem. Axel's vineyards buzz with life - insects, herbs, flowers and weeds alike. Wild boars roam the nearby forests, kept at bay from the precious grapes by human hair from the local salons. Yield is low, and the winery minimalist: just a few steel and fiberglass tanks. Wood is shunned unless ancient and neutral. Even SO2 rarely makes an appearance.Axel's whites like 'La Peur de Rouge' Chardonnay are outrageously complex and individual. His reds are fresh and pure. For Axel, it's all about letting the grapes express their true selves. His Languedoc vineyards are a haven of natural biodiversity, translated masterfully into the bottle through a minimalist, non-interventionist approach.