Collection: Wine Share Picks



This month we have a broad cross-section of wines that includes a grab-bag of some of our favorites that have stoically aged on our shelves in addition to new landings for the start of summer!

There are wines in and of abundance like the liter bottlings from Leon Gold & Kamptal’s Sonnhof Social Club in rosé & white – respectively, Trollinger saignée rosé & directly-pressed biodynamic Grüner; there are other new gems like the Mas Pas Res ‘Sur Le Pouce’ that, with several years in bottle, has developed an otherwise ‘glou glou’ southern French red into something slightly more savory and complex, or the Babass ‘Au Bon Secours’ Gamay that is always a fruity delight with a saline component bespeaking its maritime provenance.

Other bright bottlings include the ‘Chill’ from Gober & Freinbichler, a Burgenland, spritzy light-red with ample fruit and acidity for the warming days of late May; the ‘Publius’ from Gaia Felix which is a rare skin-contact sparkler of the Aspirinio grape from Campania; the ‘Aquelarre,’ starbright Albariño pét-nat from Constantina Sotelo; a parcellaire rosé/orange from new Alsatian Kids on the Block Müller-Koeberle in their ‘Symbiose;’ the list goes on!

Some more ‘serious’ wines also moonlight in the share though their emphasis is still certainly on a kind of freshness – squarely in this category you could find Marc Kreydenweiss’ 2017 Alsatian Pinot Blanc ‘Fontaine aux Enfants,’ or the ‘Argot’ from Menat in Calabria, a Gaglioppo-based coastal red with lift and svelte outfitting owing to its amphora-based vinification/aging, or the redux on California Zin courtesy of one of our favorite winemakers from California (who we had in the shop for an in-store in March!) Graham Shelton of Slow Dance, or the Alto-Piemonte old-school field-blend ‘Guido’ from Signore Platinetti in Ghemme.

No matter the box combo, we think this month pairs freshness with a bit of intellectual intrigue & hopefully something mainly delicious.