Collection: Domaine L&R Kox

The Kox family has been tending to their vineyards for many generations. Their house and original wine cellar were constructed on the property in 1909. In 1977, Laurent and Rita Kox established the winery and took over the family business, transitioning it from grape cultivation to wine production. Today, the family has expanded the winery to 10 hectares and specializes in both traditional and unique Mosel wines. They employ short macerations and minimal to no added sulphites to create light and refreshing Mosel wines. Currently, Corinne is leading the way at L&R Kox and achieving remarkable accomplishments. Luxembourg is an ideal location for winemaking, as it is situated in a northern region that has experienced a warming climate. Growing grapes along the renowned Mosel river, winemakers in this community strive for excellence and innovation. Pound for pound, Luxembourg's winemaking region stands out as unparalleled in terms of quality, disregarding any stylistic differences.