Collection: Fabio Ferracane

Fabio's journey in winemaking traces back to his early days, where his memories of the cellar transport him to the age of 15, assisting his father in the creation of those cherished limited bottles. However, a significant turning point awaited him. He made the conscious decision to immerse himself in formal oenology and viticulture studies, which led him on a captivating adventure across various wineries, both at home and abroad, painting a rich tapestry of experiences.

The formal education he received emphasized that wine is fundamentally a biochemical process. Yet, amidst his academic pursuits, a profound personal revelation surfaced. He realized that he didn't quite fit the mold of the meticulous winemaker tinkering in the cellar, manipulating chemicals, and orchestrating complex blends. This role didn't resonate with his true self.

His epiphany, nurtured by his oenological endeavors, revolved around a steadfast belief - authentic wine transcends the boundaries of mere chemistry; it embraces the concept of terroir. For Fabio, his identity as a winemaker became intrinsically tied to the vineyard, where he assumed the role of a guardian, responsible for nurturing and organizing its bountiful harvest. Armed with an intimate understanding of fermentation chemistry, he honed his skill in selecting grapes with meticulous precision. As he tasted those grapes, an innate knowledge of the perfect moment for harvest revealed itself.

With his precious grape harvest in tow, Fabio ventured into the cellar, always guided by a philosophy that champions natural processes. Through this approach, he has sculpted wines that authentically capture the essence of the land he proudly calls home. It stands as his unique tribute to his family's enduring legacy and a heartfelt commitment to carrying forward the rich tradition of winemaking.